17-11-19 OFA County Cup 2nd Round Banbury Irish 6 v 5 BAMPTON

Banbury Irish 6 v 5 Bampton

Well our first sojourn into the Oxfordshire County Cup was short but physical.

Unfortunately, as the game went on, it transcended into a size does matter contest. .

We started well, carrying out the game plan of getting the ball in behind their defence very well.We were creating many chances which the opposition didn't have an answer to. We were passing it well and looked the better team. 4-2 at half time was a good enough return for our efforts.

As the second half progressed, Banbury were getting more physical, which I thought the ref should have controlled better. I asked him to protect our players more after Euan took an elbow to the back. He didn't pay any heed to the request and allowed the stronger players to dominate.

The game turned when we tried to start matching their style of play.We are at our strongest when we move the ball quickly with controlled passing. For us, clever forward passes turned into hopeful punts and rather than releasing, we held onto thr ball and tried to compete in battles for the ball. Momentum swung and they got back into the game and eventually got the winner in the final minute.

There was a lot of blaming the ref and the dirty play of oposition after the game by some of us.I told them, that is football.You can't let it affect you because it happens. Just ask Man City after hand ball leading to Liverpool goal. .

We need to play how we play best. I will keep working towards a strong passing team. .

We played some good football today and were unlucky to be knocked out of County cup. .

Goals today saw two lovely lobs, one from Zack, the other from Elias.Angus got three, the best being a mazy run and side foot past the keeper.

Man of the Match

Charlie Davies

Charlie stood out for me today. The opposition had some giants for Charlie to contend with which he did really well.