13-09-20 A League Brackley Athletic 1 v 8 BAMPTON

Brackley 1 v 8 Bampton

Good start to the season today with a convincing opening day win.

We played some nice football at times today but didn't really play like we can. .

It was very warm, lovely for spectators but not so for the boys running around. The pitch was rock hard which made our passing more difficult with the ball bobbling and difficult to control. .

Dan had very little to do in goal, but when asked to make a stop, he was more that up to it. .

Our defence was a bit wobbly at times but Charlie's sweeping was magnificent. .

Midfield, we were passing about lovely, looking for openings.As the game progressed, we started to force openings a bit too much rather than showing a bit of patience, something we are working on at the moment.There were a few times, when opening wasn't on, we passed it around, but more of that to come as we get more familiar with each players roles. .

Up front, we are very strong.We took goals really well.Four from Alfie was a great return for his tireless effort.Added to those a couple of lovely strikes from James and Elias, an individual run from Lacky and one from Thomas. .

So a good afternoon, lots of goals and top of the league.

Man of the Match

Charlie Davis

I though Charlie was brilliant today.His speed and reading of the game is exceptional.Strong and very well timed tackling.A really solid defender.