12-01-20 A League Banbury Irish 3 v 3 BAMPTON

Banbury Irish 3 v 3 BAMPTON

Football is a difficult thing. You can be so far in front, playing so well, you can't see anything but sunshine, then something happens and it all changes.

First half today we were playing as we have for last couple of games. Good shape, using ball well, playing lovely football.

Second half, momentum changed and we just couldn't get going.

Banbury put their big lad up front for seconfd half and went direct football and we didn't have an answer.

Maybe a point away to Banbury will turn out to be a good result, we shall have to wait and see. This spring league is going to be very tough with no easy three point matches. It's going to be a battle in every game for points.

Positives, first half especially saw us dominate with great football. Good three goals, Dan getting his first for us in a long time.

Man of the Match

Elias Easterbrook

Elias was magical getting down the right.He links up really well with others and has a bag of tricks like Paul Daniels.