13-10-19 A League BAMPTON 4 v 2 Freeland

Bampton 4 - 2 Freeland

Pleased with result today as 3 points will see us remain in A league into Spring season.
As for today's game, Freeland played much better than their results suggest they could. They flooded the middle of the pitch with players which made it difficult for us to move the ball around.

We were missing a number of players, all defensive ones so we were playing attackers at the back, not ideal and thankfully against one of the weaker teams in league.It was also one of those weeks where nothing seemed to come off, we were giving the ball away far too easily at times.

4 good goals today, Alfie and Angus both took their goals well but Thomas and especially Elias' goals were magical. I love a skillful dink over the keeper and Elias' was a beauty .




Man of the Match

Charlie Davies

Absolutely solid in a very makeshift defense.He is also beginning to bring the ball forward with great purpose.