08-09-19 A League Charlbury 1 v 2 BAMPTON

Charlbury 1 v 2 Bampton

Wow, what a great start to the season.

When fixtures came out and we saw opening game was away to Charlbury, memories of - The Battle Of Charlbury - came flooding back.Could a start have been any tougher.

We have always, from U6, worked towards building as strong an 11 a side squad as possible, not leaving anyone behind, developing every player as much as we could.This has, at times, cost us matches.So it is very pleasing to see our long term plan bearing fruit.

I thought we were awesome today. As good as we have played but with and end result to top it off.The difference in teams today wasn't our better players were better than their better players, it was that we had no weakness. All over the pitch, we had most skill, better decision making and a strong team spirit.

They got an early goal with a ball over the top for their pacey striker to run onto.Fortunately, very soon after that, one of their players took and injury and ref sent our team over. We rearranged a few things, getting Euan and Charlie to play deeper to negate the high ball into the space behind them.Worked a treat.

Coming forward, we played some lovely passing football with midfield linking up beautifully. A different role for Zack, playing a holding midfield position gave us strength and depth in middle of pitch.Alfie, Zack and James give us so much desire, strength and skill, the three will control most games.

Defensively, Toby and Jamie were very strong but also came forward at every opportunity.Angus, Thomas, Nathan and Elias were excellent up front, Elias especially is mesmerising and has so much skill. Joe covered well when he came on, his strength will only grow as the season progresses.

Dan in goal, playing through injury, was again outstanding and has great hands.

Goals today from Alfie and Elias..

Man of the Match

Charlie Davies and Euan Munn

Two players who I cant decide between. Our two centre backs were outstanding, Euan and Charlie. Just brilliant.