16-02-19 Friendly BAMPTON 1 v 3 Charlbury

Bampton 1 v 3 Charlbury

Bit frustrating today as I know we can play a lot better than we have been recently. We are a better team than them, but they go home with the win.

Giving the ball away too easily and not competing has been an issue recently and it was like that in first half.

I spoke to the boys before the game and at half time about what we are looking for for next season and how once the game starts it is up to them and only them to deliver.It is now very competitive at the top end of the league and if you don't give that little bit extra in the basics like running, being more physical and competing for the ball then you will be left behind.

We also spoke about always passing to one of our own players, just to keep posession.We work on this tirelessly in training but often find it more of a challenge in matches.

We lost 2 goals in final few minutes of first half to see us 3 down at half time..

Big chat at half time and a much improved second half.We won more ball and held on to it better, as a result we created more and won second half 1 - 0, a great goal from Thomas.

Our next 4 matches are second league round of cup.We qualified to compete in top section, where we are in league B. I think top 2 from A and B will go through to a semi final.We are aiming to win our group so I will be picking and playing our strongest team at that time in those matches.

Man of the Match

Elias Easterbrook

Elias is just magical. He has feet like Gene Kelly and has us all singing in the rain when he dazzles with his skill.