14-02-19 Friendly Carterton Dev 4 v 0 BAMPTON

Carterton Academy 4 v 0 Bampton

So a first for us, playing under floodlights.It was a great experience for the boys and much needed experience for 11 a side.

Friendlies are never easy to judge success in. We conceded 4 and barely got near their goal, but we learned loads.We gave everyone a chance to show what they could give and tried some players in new positions.

Its interesting how I feel we can now compete with anyone at 9v9, after quite a while of struggling, we start the process again at 11s. As for the match, it really was a game of 2 halves where we had a different lesson in each.

First half started well for first 10 minutes, we played some good football and kept possession.Then we started giving it away at every opportunity, maybe trying things we can't currently get away with on bigger pitch. So lesson is we need to have the ball. It sounds simple and we do a lot of work in training on this but we need to focus more on that in matches, especially on the bigger pitch.

We spoke about this at half time, reiterating all the work we do on our passed and where we need to keep possession.

Second half, he held the ball much better, putting together 3 or 4 lovely passing moves, best in the match and started to move the ball further up the pitch. Second half lesson was we need to keep to our possessions.We got caught too ofter out of position, where our concentration dropped and we started following the ball.Again, great information to have and something to work on.

So disappointed with scoreline but the objective was to give players who don't always start a chance and to identify areas we need to focus on. Objectives met.

Man of the Match

Angus Wilson

I thought Angus had a great game, his best in a while.His attitude and commitment was excellent. He played some nice football and linked up the thirds really well.