16-03-19 Cup Brackley Town 0 v 7 BAMPTON

Brackley Town 0 v 7 BAMPTON

Wow, that a great game today. Playing into a strong wind in first half meant it took a lot of energy to get the ball up field.Game started quite evenly with both teams finding it difficult to make a few passes in the windy conditions.As half went on, we started to take control and made some good progress down the right, creating a couple of good chances we just couldn't quite take. 0-0 at half time was just abiut fair with us being caught on the break a few times.
Second half, the wind stopped and we were brilliant. When we play like this, it reminds me of how Liverpool were playing last season. We want the ball so much and hunt in packs, giving the oppositiin no chance to create anything. We have worked a lot on how to close down defenders and the boys do it brilliantly. Coming forward, it was wave after wave of orange.The skill and speed of our attacks are breathtaking.We are so confident and support each other really well. We battle when we have to and fight for every ball.

It was an absolute joy to watch today with everyone excelling all over the pitch. .


Goals from Zack x 3, Euan x 2, James(one a header from a perfect cross) and Elias(little dink over 3 players from midway in opponents half) .

Brilliant today boys, really entertaining. .


Man of the Match

Jack and Zack

Almost impossible to single out one player today as everyone played so well, so I'll pick 2. I though Jack was awesome today. He ready the game so well and used the ball well when he wins it. Zack was magnificent. 3 goals after missing a few weeks because of injury.He is so clever and full of guile.