08-12-18 CUP Charlbury 2 v 1 BAMPTON

Charlbury 2 v 1 Bampton

Well that was exciting.

We have struggled historically against physical sides but we competed all over the pitch today.

Before and after the match, the Charlbury coach said we are the best football side in our age group and we proved it again today.Some of our team play, pass and move and supporting each other was outstanding.We were playing football from the back at every opportunity which is a pleasure to watch. We passed through the thirds with purpose and created some nice chances.

Charlbury put a lot of effort into their game and tried to close us down with 3 or 4 players at every opportunity. In the first half in perticular, we were passing round them to great effect.

We went in 1 up at half time with Thomas getting his first goal for us, brilliant.Elias' flick to beat defender to set up goal was outstanding.

In defence, Dan, Jamie, Jack and Jamie were all brilliant. Winning tackle after tackle and always trying to keep possession as we moved up the field.

In midfield, Elias has so much skill and Toby plays lovely give and go's which always puts us in great creative positions. Angus and James held the middle of the pitch brilliantly, both in defending and coming forward. James has the best first touch in the world and makes amazing defence splitting passes. Zack works tirelessly up front. We spoke before the game about how difficult the opposition would make it for him and it proved to be the case. As soon as he was on the ball, they were doing anything they could to stop him. Euan played well in two different positions, almost winning a penalty for us right at the end, I'd have given it.Rowan didn't get much time today, it was one of those games but he will play a much bigger role in future games.

Bit disappointed we came away with no points, a draw would have been a fair result, but we have now moved the bar up a few notches so we have to ensure we compete at that level from now on.

Man of the Match

Jack Childs and Jamie Courtier-Dutton

Jack was outstanding in the middle of defence.He is now beginning to read the dangers well and was always there to stop Charlbury attacks.He is also so confident on the ball and is always looking to set up attacks from the back.

I thought Jamie was brilliant yesterday. His battling for the ball and how he passes it out through midfield is excellent. He really does play from the heart.