03-11-18 Wychwood 1 v 10 BAMPTON

Wychwood 1 - 10 Bampton

We spoke at training on Thursday and again before game abiut why we were so poor against Carterton and asked for a response to that today. We worked much harder and moved the ball much better and as a result, we were awesome.

Everyone played well.Dan barely had to touch the ball put still managed a world class save at the end. In defence, Charlie and JackC were solid and reliable but Jamie was brilliant. .

Our 2 wide midfield players, Elias and Toby were both outstanding. Running with the ball when needed, supporting others and passing really well. They must have either scored or assisted in every goal today. Angus and James were beginning to link up better but still some work needed here.Both played well getting forward as well as chasing back and helping out in defence.They both worked really hard for us today. Up front, Zack was again a golden god.When he is up for it, there is no better striker anywhere.

Our 3 subs all got 30 mins today and all did really well.Thomas almost getting his first goal for us.Rowan making some great runs down the right and Euan breaking up any danger the opposition had.

Goals today: Zack 4 James 3, Toby, Elias, Angus.



Man of the Match

Jamie Courtier-Dutton

Its not often someone scores 4 and isn't man of the Match but I am giving it today to Jamie. He was brilliant in defence.Winning tackle after tackle, sliding in and stealing the ball and using it well when he won it.