13-10-18 BAMPTON 5 v 2 Witney Vikings

Bampton 5 - 2 Witney Vikings

Much, much better performance today than last week.We spoke at length on Thursday about keeping possession of the ball and passing more.We did this beautifully in first 20 mins and went 4 up.We then started holding the ball too long and let the opposition back in but there was only ever one winner today .

Toby stood in in goals today and was outstanding.Defensivly, we have came on so much and it is really pleasing to see players come on so much for the team. JackC, Charlie and Jamie play so well together and get stronger each match.Not only defensively, but also coming forward.Plus their transition was much quicker today, excellent from all.

In midfield, we played some nice football at times with Elias and Thomas doing well left and right.James and Angus also played some good football and ran and covered and supported play really well.Up front Zack is different class. Scoring 4 great goals.Subs today, Euan, Rowan and JEB all did well when they got their chance.

When we pass the ball, we are lovely to watch.One move saw Toby roll ball out to Jamie who played it forward to Angus who knocked it wide to Elias who played a lovely through ball to Zack to score. 5 passed from goal keeper to back of net, lovely stuff.



Man of the Match

Toby Hickman

.Reflexes like a super hero.Bravery like a super hero and a football brain like a super hero with a really good football brain.

Others worthy of a mention .

Zack, stunning first 20 mins.Unplayable and unstoppable at times. Rowan, a patient sub who played in 3 different position today, each one really well. Like Jamie last season, not a starter but always looking to work hard when he gets a go.