03-02-18 FRIENDLY BAMPTON v Ducklington Dev

Bampton 8 - 5 Ducklington Dev

Comin on the back of last week's cup win, it was nice to have the friendliest of friendlies to try some new things and give some a chance to see what they could give.

We started well and should have been 2 - 0 up before Barney had to come off injured. 5 minutes after he came off, we were 3 - 0 down.We battled on with not much joy till half time where we found ourselves 5—0 down.Toward the end of the half, our heads were going down and the last thing I wanted was for us to lose confidence.

It was strange because even when we were 5 down, I know we would win.We started the second half with the same outfield as did so well last week.The football was spectacular.We should be performing at Vegas, we have so many magicians in our team.James and Zack dominated midfield while up front Jude tricked and twisted his way past all their players twice. Attacking down both wings, we excelled.Elias and Angus both tearing into the opposition. Angus scoring his first hat - trick for the team with a dazzling second half display.

In defence Barny controls everything, with the pace of Charlie and Lachlan, who both come forward with great confidence, too strong for opposition attack.

There were three Tower Hill players playing today.Their two strikers and their creative centre mid.

Man of the Match

Angus Wilson

Strong, lots of running, great distribution and three great goals coming in on the far post.