28-04-18 BAMPTON v Launton

Bampton 3 v 3 Launton

Strange match today. We started well going 2 up in first 5 minutes.Then 55 minutes of scrappy football where we barely made a pass, struggled to win tackles and didn't take correct option when we did get forward.

We spoke before match on how to set up for our goal kicks.But unfortunately, we couldn't carry out the instruction and we ended up giving ball away in dangerous areas. Coming forward, our passes were wayward and often behind the intended recipient. We ran the ball into crowded areas of the pitch rather than move it into space. Pluses, defence was solid.Barney, Charlie and Euan all did well with Euan making some good supporting runs forward, something we had spoken about before the game.Jude took his 2 goals well and with a few better choices, we would have won easily.

Man of the Match

Dan Westmoreland

Solid, commanding and brilliant. Dan has been a revelation for us since going into goal. His composure and distribution are a real asset to us.