24-02-18 CUP BAMPTON v Tower Hill

Bampton 4 v 6 Tower Hill

So proud of all our players. We played some great football and scored some great goals. In the end we were beaten by a poor pitch, which doesn't favour our smaller, skilful players, and their big number 9.

Toby made a world class save near the end, I could see him grow 3 foot as the ball travelled today's him.In defence, we coped with all they had apart from their no 9. Charlie and Lachlan defended solidly and used the ball well coming forward.Barney and Dan organised well and are so composed on the ball.

Out wide, Angus, Elias and Jamie had great games, showing true grit and great skill. James and Zack always create loads in midfield, I'd love to see how they could link together on a pitch which isn't so difficult to keep your feet on.

Up front both Jude and Euan were brilliant. I asked them to really press the opposition defence to win the ball back high up the pitch, and more often than not they did this.

I thought our boys showed great spirit, fight and an amazing amount of skill today. I am so proud of all of them.

Man of the Match

Jack Childs

It really shows how much the team means to him to come along and give his support which couldn't have been easy. He would have loved to be on the pitch so thank you Jack for your amazing attitude and support.