03-02-18 CUP BAMPTON v Wychwood

Bampton 5 - 4 Wychwood

Firstly I would like to thank Dan, Jamie, Jack, JEB and Euan. They supported the players on the pitch and were unlucky not to make starting 9.

Football want us to develop players it then they make it overly competitive from age 10.We have suffered some heavy defeats this season playing against win at all costs teams. I therefore took the decision to go for it in these Cup matches, something I have struggled all week with.The 9 on the pitch didn't put a foot wrong today and I didn't want to give opposition advantage by changing a team playing well together.

So, on to the match.From the moment they all arrived, I could tell we were going to win today.The positive attitude was great to see.We did a keep possession warm up and they were all on fire.We have been working hard on hard court on this the past few week and today it really worked.

Henry was solid in goal and did a good job.Barney controlled defence and marshalled the others well.Charlie had speed and aggression today and won all his tackles.One we left we excelled.Lachlan played a new position and was brilliant.Angus had his best game for us, putting his foot on the ball and making intelligent inside passes.In the middle Zack and James fought for every ball. As the game wore on, you could see their confidence grow and they looked like Messi and Iniesta at times.On the right, Elias got forward quickly, pressed the opposition and put some great balls into the box.Jude up front ran and battled and skipped and got goals.

Some amazing play at times from us, close passing up the pitch, great first touches, turns on the ball, -everything we have been working on for years.

All our goals were things of beauty, Zacks free kick a stand out.

The opposition relied on long balls, which we mostly dealt with OK, some work to be done on pushing up a bit quicker.

Everyone was awesome today, lets see if we can keep that up.

Man of the Match

Lachlan Denton.

Playing in a new position, he excelled. I asked him to defend and use his pace with long balls which he did, making a great slide tackle and their player ran in on goal. But it was his decision making I was most impressed with. I asked him, when the time was right, to get up and support Angus down the left, something he did beautifully.