06-01-18 Wychwood v BAMPTON

Wychwood 4 - 2 Bampton

Well its good to get the football started again after the Christmas break.

I wanted to experiment a bit today as Wychwood are the weakest opposition in our league group, plus we play them in the Cup in a few weeks time.

I started with Barney playing further up field along side James to have a look at how they played together. This meant playing Dan in Barney role, a position he has played well before. This worked OK although our passing wasn't as sharp as I'd have hoped for. We took a pretty comfortable 2 - 0 lead.

I also wanted to try playing 3-3-2.This is a big change for us so I wanted to give it as much time as possible so we pretty much stayed like that the rest of the match.I think it was a worth while experiment and I got a lot from seeing how we coped.

We gave away a couple of soft goals from goal kicks, Toby not getting enough help from outfield players. Their goalie made a handful of great saves, tipping a couple over the bar and getting in front of a few rockets.

All in all, a good exercise. I think we should be too strong for them in cup match when we play a more familiar formation and line up.

Man of the Match

Jack Childs.

He has really came on in his defensive role.He is stronger in tackle and reads the game well.Plus he is keen to get forward when time is right. Plus a few of his Futsal tricks were coming out the box - Brilliant.